Granite Direct Pre-Install Waiver

Deposits and Contract Agreement:

By providing deposit for a project, the Customer agrees to the project cost and is responsible for reading the below instructions and disclaimers.


Any warranty, whether standard or given, is null and void if full payment is not made upon completion of the project.

Project Cost, Deposit and Balance:

Based on total cost, Granite Direct requires a 50% deposit to start any project. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project. Payments can be in the form of cash, check, or credit card. **Please note that credit card payments will include a 4% processing fee.


Although we only use premium quality materials such as Granite, Marble, Quartzite, and Quartz, these materials are processed natural stone and they may contain natural occurring characteristics. These characteristics will include color, shade variations, irregular markings, pits, texture, veins, or fissures. Part of the beauty of having natural stone are the aforementioned characteristics, which will not impair the function or wearing of the materials. Granite Direct will not repair or replace any materials because of natural characteristics.

Seam Placement:

Customer acknowledges that seam placement is at the discretion of Granite Direct. Seam placement may change after the on-site approval, which then Granite Direct Production team will reach out to customer with new seam placement for approval. Seam thickness will vary from 1/16” to 1/8”, which exceeds industry standards. They will be visible to the eye and touch. Every effort will be made to ensure that the seam is placed in the best location for aesthetics and structural integrity. It is impossible to perfectly match color or veining when seaming two pieces of stone together.

Customer responsibilities for Installation of Countertops:

Customer needs to remove all items from top of existing countertops and all items from under the sink and cooktop areas if applicable. Customer needs to provide a clean path for installation, trucks and equipment of installers. This includes the driveway access closest to the property entrance.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Fees:

·      Rescheduling/Cancellation of a site measure appointment requires notice of 72 business hours or more to avoid an additional trip/rescheduling fee of $150 per templating appointment.
·      Rescheduling/Cancellation of a site measure appointment the day of the appointment will result in a fee of $250.
·      Rescheduling of an installation appointment requires notice of 72 business hours or more to avoid a rescheduling fee of $250 per Installation appointment.
·      Cancellation of install after templating will result in a non-refundable fee of $250 as payment for our progress in templating.
·      Cancellation/Rescheduling an installation the day of the appointment will result in a fee of up to $10 per scheduled square footage. Payment terms will also change to full prepay before installation.

Plumbing, and Faucets:

Granite Direct does not provide gas line or gas plumbing disconnection or reconnection services. The customer is responsible for all plumbing reconnections (gas/water lines), by either reconnecting the plumbing themselves or hiring a plumber to reconnect the existing plumbing. When we remove existing countertops, we will disconnect existing plumbing at no extra charge (no license required). Existing valves may leak or fail due to their age. Our installation team will close the water valves to disconnect existing plumbing and will monitor the valves during installation. Our team will notify the customer if there is a drip or leak. Granite Direct is not responsible for preventing, stopping, or fixing any valve drips or leaks. The customer is responsible for fixing any valve drips or leaks that occur during or after the countertop’s installation. Customer is responsible to provide their own faucets and have them on site the day of installation.

Incidental Damage to Cabinet, Paint, Trim or Tile:

Replacing kitchen or bathroom countertops is considered a major reconstruction of these areas. If included in the project’s invoice, Granite Direct will remove the old countertops the same day of installation. Although we are very careful while removing a customer’s existing countertops, some incidental minor damage (defines as dents and scratches) to tile, walls, paint, cabinets or trim may occur. These incidental damages are NOT covered by Granite Direct’s installation or warranty services. The customer is responsible for repairing any incidental damage to tile, walls, paint, cabinets, or trim that occurs during or as a result of the installation process. The customer may hire a third party to remove the existing countertops at their own cost, if desired. If cabinets, tile wall, or trim are not straight, level or at standard height, Granite Direct will attempt to shim and level the new countertops within reason. The customer is ultimately responsible for ensuring walls, trim, and cabinets are even, and may hire a third party at their own cost if leveling these areas is beyond Granite Direct’s standard scope of work.

Partial slab material:

In the rare case in which there is damage to material during the fabrication or the install process and no additional material is available, Granite Direct will not replace a job using a partial slab with material from a full slab. A new partial slab must be selected for replacement. Partial slabs are remnants from previously cut jobs and may have scratches and imperfections due to the previous fabrication process. Sales on partial slabs are final.

Our time window for Installation is two days:

Although most projects are installed on the scheduled date, planning, cutting, building and installing stone countertops is a complex process. At times, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may have to install your project the day after the scheduled date. (Customer acknowledges that a delay on the Installation day or time does not grant any type of discount).

Pre-Install Waiver Form

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