Granite Direct boasts in-house fabrication, which will save you time and money! Most local fabricators have to outsource the actual cutting and fabrication of the slabs once the countertop material is selected. Granite Direct utilizes the latest technologies right here in our Worthington, OH, facility to fabricate your stone countertop according to specifications.

Experience of our technicians in fabricating truly shows in workmanship when cutting, polishing and shaping. Our finished projects are a reflection of our commitment to service and quality.

At Granite Direct we use ProLiner 3D digital measuring system to capture every tiniest detail of your kitchen. This technology originated in high-end yacht-building and will assure perfect fit of your countertops to the walls. It will eliminate the need for messy and dusty cutting of stone in your home. Your countertops will be scribed in our fabrication facility to follow the walls of your kitchen precisely. This also saves our installers from having to cut into into your dry-wall just making pieces fit, and gives them time focus on small finishing details.